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Big Guns, Big Tanks & Lots of Noise

The British Army is the backbone of our Armed Forces and undertakes a variety of roles to help maintain the peace and, when necessary, support those in need in times of crises. In their operational role, the Army has been involved in all major conflicts and most recently in operations around the world including the Falkland Islands, Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

Using heavy machinery including high velocity guns, tanks and missiles which by nature produce high levels of sound obviously affects hearing.

In fact, even small arms fire can affect hearing and can cause Tinnitus therefore, it is not the size of the weapon but the constant exposure to the level of sound not experienced in civilian life. Unfortunately, when you are involved with a fire fight, it is not practicable to use hearing defenders therefore the volume of sound can be unbearable but also unnoticeable as you tend to concentrate on achieving the objective.

It is normally diagnosed after leaving the Army and working in a much quieter environment, that hearing loss is experienced in everyday life.

We at UK Veterans Hearing Foundation are aware of the hearing problems related to operational Service and, have already helped so many Veterans gain a better quality of life for both them and their families.

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Our Army Success

” I was only 16 when I joined the Royal Regiment of Artillery in 1982. After completing my training, I was posted to a front line unit in Germany in what was the height of the cold war. My first role was to work on a howitzer crew exercising extensively on the remote and harsh environment of the North German Plains.
We trained hard and completed many live firing exercises in readiness to defend Europe from Communist Russia. Sadly, ear protection was not taken as seriously as it should have been. The Army didn’t train us on the debilitating effects of being exposed to high levels of noise, particularly the kind of deafening noise that is experienced daily as part of life in an Artillery gun battery…

…Samantha understood exactly what was needed and helped me make all the arrangements I needed to get the tests done and secured the supply of the very best hearing aids.
Having been fit with the hearing aids I now know exactly what I was missing…

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Steve Birdsall CEO

Partially & Fully Funded

You will receive a free Hearing Test, all funding for your new Hearing Aids and any accessories you might need! Tinnitus support is also available at no cost!

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All our hearing technology comes with a 3 year guarantee & hearing aids with a 3 month exchange programme, ensuring your hearing aids are just right for you!

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Once you have received your new hearing aids, we continue to offer you support at any time. This includes 3 years of expert aftercare to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Improved Quality Of Life

Our expert can select the best hearing aid systems, tailored specifically to suit your hearing needs. You can then enjoy a new and improved quality of life!

How We Can Help

We get our funding from multiple sources ensuring our veterans get the treatments they need. We can help you gain access to this funding with continuous support along the way. We endeavour to make sure that your application is submitted with the highest level of quality and success rate possible, so we can get you hearing with some fantastic new Hearing Aids as soon as possible.

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Gold arned force service award

Proudly supporting those who serve!

UK Veterans Hearing Help (now the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation) received the Bronze Award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme in 2016, in 2019 we achieved Silver level and in 2020 we achieved the highest level Gold. The scheme provides an award for organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and armed forces community.

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