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If you would like to help Veterans suffering with hearing loss and would like further information on how to apply to become a buddy, please feel free to reach out to our friendly staff, who will discuss the process and look forward to welcoming you to the team!

What is 'Become A Buddy' ?

Our buddy scheme has been created in order to match lonely Veterans – no matter their age, sex or race – with supportive volunteers that want to help improve the lives of our fellow Ex-Service men and women. Volunteers wishing to become a “Buddy” will have to sign up to our Agreement that goes into detail about the standards and expectations in terms of behaviour and etiquette we expect from our Buddies, as well as the steps the scheme will take to help Veterans open back up to social settings and gain back confidence that had been taken away by their hearing loss.

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Why do we have a Buddy Scheme for Veterans?

Hearing loss prevention and assistance via hearing aids is our main goal. However a very overlooked side-effect of work induced hearing loss for Veterans is actually social isolation, over many unsuccessful conversations a lot of Veterans find it embarassing to admit to their newly acquired hearing disability. Alternatively other Veterans are now in their latter years of life, where family doesn’t come around as often (especially due to the global pandemic situation) and as a result of this isolation their mental health and general quality of life suffers.

Someone who dedicated their life to fighting and supporting our country shouldn’t be abandoned.

Small gestures of kindness such as a single phonecall per week or a 30 minute zoom call session can make a substantial difference in the mental health of someone suffering social isolation. It generates an atmosphere of understanding and compassion for someone needing a buddy that listens to them.

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What does being a 'Buddy' include?

Being a buddy means providing social support to Veterans that send in a request to us. You will be required to :

  • Maintain a regular contact schedule with the Veteran you’ve been paired up with
  • Be patient, a lot of Veterans need people to repeat what they have said and speak slowly
  • Maintain a good standard of professionalism alongside genuine care for the individual you are supporting
  • Provide the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation with regular updates and a full report of how the communication has helped the Veteran or how the system can be improved if it hasn’t

Just fill in the form and click 'Become A Buddy'

Apply to become a buddy and look forward to helping Veterans suffering from hearing loss. We greatly appreciate your interest and do everything we can to support you on your charitable endeavours.

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Become A Buddy.

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Partially & Fully Funded

You will receive a free Hearing Test, all funding for your new Hearing Aids and any accessories you might need! Tinnitus support is also available at no cost!

3 Years Guarantee

All our hearing technology comes with a 3 year guarantee & hearing aids with a 3 month exchange programme, ensuring your hearing aids are just right for you!

Extensive Aftercare

Once you have received your new hearing aids, we continue to offer you support at any time. This includes 3 years of expert aftercare to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Improved Quality Of Life

Our expert can select the best hearing aid systems, tailored specifically to suit your hearing needs. You can then enjoy a new and improved quality of life!

How We Can Help

We get our funding from multiple sources ensuring our veterans get the treatments they need. We can help you gain access to this funding with continuous support along the way. We endeavour to make sure that your application is submitted with the highest level of quality and success rate possible, so we can get you hearing with some fantastic new Hearing Aids as soon as possible.

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Gold arned force service award

Proudly supporting those who serve!

UK Veterans Hearing Help (now the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation) received the Bronze Award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme in 2016, in 2019 we achieved Silver level and in 2020 we achieved the highest level Gold. The scheme provides an award for organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and armed forces community.

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