Widex - High Definition Hearing

Widex provide top of the range premium hearing aids, they are known for being some of the best sounding hearing aids on the market. Widex is notorious for superior quality, leading innovation and its impressive environmental credentials.

Widex hearing aids don’t just sound spectacular, they look spectacular too. From small and discreet ‘virtually invisible’ hearing aids, to powerful, yet stylish RICs and BTEs, Widex hearing aids come in a variety of styles and form factors. Designed to provide the most comfortable and natural hearing experience, whatever your degree of hearing loss and lifestyle – for a truly life-changing listening experience.

The Widex Sound

The unique ‘Widex Sound’ has become a renowned feature of all Widex hearing aids, for their unrelenting superior sound quality, which sets them apart from other manufacturers. Widex have been dedicated to sound quality over decades of research and development to consistently produce the best sounding hearing instruments on the market.

So, what is the ‘Widex Sound’? Essentially, Widex hearing aids are designed to try to make you forget you are wearing aids. They provide a natural listening experience to allow you to enjoy all the sounds around you naturally, whether you are in a busy restaurant, talking to someone in a crowd or listening to the crunch of the autumn leaves beneath your feet.

This is because Widex hearing aids are designed to pick up the broadest spectrum of sound possible, from background noise, to whispers, to voices in a crowd, but always ensuring that every sound is at a comfortable and natural volume.
Widex hearing aids are designed specifically to allow us to fit them to your exact hearing loss and the way you listen, so you will always get the sound that is unique and natural to you.


Widex has a heritage of innovation and technological advancement. Their uncompromising approach to innovation has led to advances such as the world’s first digital in the ear hearing aid, revolutionary wireless technology, and more recently, the world’s first machine learning hearing aid, Widex Evoke.


Widex is the only CO2 neutral hearing aid producer in the world. The Widex headquarters in Denmark are powered entirely by renewable energy, utilising a combination of wind energy, solar energy and recycled rainwater, along with a geothermal system which uses groundwater to store an entire year’s worth of heating and cooling. Widex hearing aids are not just great for your hearing, but great for the planet too.

Latest technology – Widex Evoke

The worlds first smart hearing aid, Widex Evoke is the world’s first machine learning hearing aid which evolves in real life to get smarter the more you use it. Both interactive and intuitive, Evoke hearing aids learn from your experiences and past preferences to continually improve and provide a completely unique hearing experience tailored to you and your listening environment, whoever you are, wherever you are.

Evoke hearing aids feature SoundSense Technology, meaning that every time you use EVOKE, it evolves through interactive options which put you in control to create your own, individual perfect settings for every environment. When you personalise your listening experience, EVOKE learns from different situations and remembers all changes you make and intelligently applies them to similar situations – even if you’re in a totally new environment.

Widex gather anonymous data from user preferences to create a better listening experience for everyone. So, the great hearing aid you buy today evolves to be even better tomorrow!
If you would rather not do a thing, Evoke can detect your environment and automatically adjust accordingly to suit your needs and your environment, so if you’re too busy to worry about hearing aid settings, you won’t need to worry.

Evoke is available in a full range of styles, from ITE (in-the-ear), to RIC (receiver-in-canal) to BTE (behind the ear), so there will be an option to suit your degree of hearing loss and lifestyle.