The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation are pleased to announce that we're a registered charity with Veterans Raffle!

Thousands of British ex-forces personnel who represented our country are now unemployed, homeless, in debt, and suffering from physical and mental health problems such as PTSD. Veterans Raffle allows smaller UK charities like ours to use their online charity raffle platform for free to raise funds for helping veterans in our community who need and deserve it.

Veterans Raffle is a one-of-a-kind event in the United Kingdom. No other agency has the same level of support for smaller veterans’ charities, centres, and clubs as we do. No other veterans’ lottery pays out as much (proportionately) to its subscribers as Veterans Raffle. Since no other UK lottery promoter can run at just 5%, no other UK lottery can allocate more to charities and rewards than Veterans Raffle.

Prominence of Veterans Raffle is developing consistently and in light of current circumstances. Individuals are joining since they caught wind of them from a companion, a relative, or associate. Veterans Raffle isn’t developing due to “big name” supports, sponsorships, or large paid publicising financial plans, but instead from the most remarkable type of promoting in the world: Word of Mouth

Now it’s up to us to spread the word and encourage as many people as possible to participate. Any individual who donates to The UK Vets helps us raise money. Joining costs £10 a month, and awards range from £150 to £25,000.

Due to the stricter registration/payment process, a financially insecure individual will have a difficult time being included in the Veterans Raffle. They may, however, opt to play in most other UK lotteries, with little to no safeguards in place to prevent/deter them from gambling beyond their means.

The key thing to remember is that the Veterans Raffle site was created to provide a steady source of support for UK Veterans’ charities, which is why it’s only attracting people who can easily afford £10pcm.

Here is a summary of Veterans Raffle conditions: 

18+ Only Online only access Direct debit only payment Fixed £10 monthly donation No advance payments Holiday breaks available at any time Auto Exclusion if 3 failed payments in a row