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We have many veterans with hearing loss caused by their service protecting our country. Their specific type of hearing loss (which is high frequency) isn’t always offered the best result with an NHS hearing aid. They require more advanced technology to return to civilian life and compete for a new job or socialise with their friends and family. The impact on their mental health is huge. We all see the figures of suicides, family break ups and living on the streets…

Our request is a simple one that has huge benefits in return for a company sponsoring or donating to a veteran and we have 500 success stories to show the difference our support and service has made.

For a set amount we can arrange for one veteran to be fitted with the best technology hearing system available on the market, with aftercare for 3 years with a leading Independent Audiologist working to a strict service level agreement to ensure quality of assessment and service. We also look after another veteran with this donation with tinnitus or mental health issues and this may be a course of counselling, a piece of equipment, or even respite to help recovery.


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What do we do for you?

Well we just want to shout out a big thank you and tell everyone how great you are in helping us help a veteran.
So this is what we are going to do –

  1. Once the veteran is successfully fitted, we create a story to launch on our website.
  2. We then publicise the story across our social media channels (ie Linkedin, Facebook etc)
  3. We will provide you with a Friends of the Foundation Logo to put on your website to represent your support.
  4. You may, of course, use your goodwill story in all of your social media, CSR and marketing to enhance your brand communications.
  5. We will provide you with a page on our Friends of the Foundation section within the site, to publicise your support and sponsorship of a veteran with hearing loss.

Get In Touch.

If you would like to sponsor a veteran feel free to fill our your details below:

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Partially & Fully Funded

You will receive a free Hearing Test, all funding for your new Hearing Aids and any accessories you might need! Tinnitus support is also available at no cost!

3 Years Guarantee

All our hearing technology comes with a 3 year guarantee & hearing aids with a 3 month exchange programme, ensuring your hearing aids are just right for you!

Extensive Aftercare

Once you have received your new hearing aids, we continue to offer you support at any time. This includes 3 years of expert aftercare to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Improved Quality Of Life

Our expert can select the best hearing aid systems, tailored specifically to suit your hearing needs. You can then enjoy a new and improved quality of life!

How We Can Help

We get our funding from multiple sources ensuring our veterans get the treatments they need. We can help you gain access to this funding with continuous support along the way. We endeavour to make sure that your application is submitted with the highest level of quality and success rate possible, so we can get you hearing with some fantastic new Hearing Aids as soon as possible.

If you would like to start your application – Click Here To Make An Enquiry >>

Gold arned force service award

Proudly supporting those who serve!

UK Veterans Hearing Help (now the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation) received the Bronze Award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme in 2016, in 2019 we achieved Silver level and in 2020 we achieved the highest level Gold. The scheme provides an award for organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and armed forces community.

Think You May Be Entitled To Partial or Full Funding For Veterans?

Then contact us using the either of the methods below and we will guide you through the process – simply, from start to finish.

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