Hearing Implant Support

For some hearing impaired veterans a hearing aid may not be the only solution and possibly not a solution at all.

Some types of hearing loss such as a conductive hearing loss may respond much better to Spectacle Aids or Bone Anchored Hearing Aid.

The spectacle aid houses the hearing aids inside the arms of the spectacles and pass the sound via bone conduction directly into the clients cochlea, effectively bypassing the outer ear canal and the middle ear which may be where the problem of hearing loss is associated. If the ear suffers with constant infections then the specaids will allow the ear canal to be kept free of any ear pieces which could stop the infection clearing.

This is a great solution for a veteran who wears glasses and has this type of hearing issue. It can look extremely smart, solve a difficult medical issue, and allow the veteran to hear.

The Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) works very much like the specaid other than it requires surgery to place the pin or magnet into the skull directly into the cochlear. This pin or magnet once settled allows the hearing aid to be directly attached to the skull and again resolve the issue of the outer and middle ear problem.

Partially & Fully Funded

You will receive a free Hearing Test, all funding for your new Hearing Aids and any accessories you might need! Tinnitus support is also available at no cost!

5 Years

All our hearing technology comes with a 5 year guarantee & hearing aids with a 3 month exchange programme, ensuring your hearing aids are just right for you!


Once you have received your new hearing aids, we continue to offer you support at any time. This includes 3 years of expert aftercare to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Improved Quality Of Life

Our expert can select the best hearing aid systems, tailored specifically to suit your hearing needs. You can then enjoy a new and improved quality of life!

Help Us Fit More Veterans!

Since becoming a charity, we have managed to fit over 100 veterans with top-class hearing aids! However, we still have more than 1,500 veterans who need our help in getting back to a normal standard of life after the hearing damage they received in their years of service. Any donations we receive are a huge help in the lives of our vets and we are eternally grateful for whatever you may be able to spare.

Gold arned force service award

Proudly supporting those who serve!

UK Veterans Hearing Help (now the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation) received the Bronze Award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme in 2016, in 2019 we achieved Silver level and in 2020 we achieved the highest level Gold. The scheme provides an award for organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and armed forces community.

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