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Having spent 12 years in the Armed forces and then the corporate world for 23 years it was time to hang up the boots and suit to work for myself. My hearing was damaged in the forces and has deteriorated over the years so I have founded a new business called Gutter Clear Pro. This is a veteran run and veteran owned business. Every van we have in the UK will be a self employed veteran running it as their own business. From every job we complete Industrial or residential a % of the job goes to a military charity of choice.

My charity of choice ( UK Veterans Hearing Foundation).

Why The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation?

Leaving the forces after 12 years I knew my hearing wasn’t the best and as I got older it got progressively worse. After a few days of constant ringing my hearing started to return but the damage was already done. In 2017 I was asked to relocate to Houston in the US for my job but I knew my hearing was getting really bad so I got an audiogram done and found out that I was profound in both ears. That’s when I contacted UK veterans for hearing Foundation who very quickly provided me with hearing aids which in certain environments helped me carry out my duties in the US.

Mr. Stevenson's Story

Joining the Royal Signals in 1989 took me to all corners of the globe including the first Gulf war and Bosnia. Unbeknown to me at the time it was Bosnia that was to damage my hearing. While in Bosnia we were tasked to support the Royal Engineers in clearing a house that was full of unfused anti tank mines. It total there were probably in excess of 1000 mines that has to be taken to a valley and blown up in a huge pit.

While the Royal Engineers were excavating a huge pit with JCB,s we were busy loading the mines into the pit ready to blow. One the Royal Engineers set the charges we retreated about 500 metres up the valley and watched as the huge mushroom cloud went up to the sky. It was a few seconds after that we were hit with the sound wave. Inevitably we were all knocked sideways with ringing in the ears.

In Nov 2019 I decided at the age of 48 that I couldn’t go on in my job with constant conference calls and crowded meetings so I quit. Decided to take Christmas off while every day I was feeling sorry for myself. Then COVID hit, this was my turning point to start thinking out of the box and Gutter Clear Pro was born. Cleaning Gutters is a relatively simple concept but I wanted to do it differently and at the same time give something back. It was a no brainier for me to partner with UK Veterans Hearing Foundation to raise awareness for the charity and to also contribute by having various fund raising activities throughout the year and sending a % of each job I complete to the charity also.

It’s only a few weeks into the business but I am already booked up for the next few weeks with the possibility of a service contract with Babcock. It’s moving very quickly and I’m just glad to be able to do something again while giving something back. Every van the business adds will have a veteran running it as there own business supporting their charity of choice.

How will this be used to help Veterans?

The funding provided from Gutter Clear Pro will be used to help fund our other Veterans that are still awaiting to be fit on our systems. It’ll help them get top-of-the-range hearing aids that will be fit for the requirement and specific hearing loss experienced by those that have served in the UK Military.

We will make sure that the money that Mr. Stevenson raises will be put into our Hearing Aid, Tinnitus and Mental Health pathways in order to help other veterans that are also suffering as a result of their service. 

Tinnitus counselling is already being provided to some of our Veterans and we are glad that this funding will allow us to take even more on board towards a better quality of life. This will include an 8 week course that teaches Veterans how to live with their condition and how they can reduce the effect their Tinnitus has on them to minimal levels.

Respite care providers such as Woody’s Lodge will be able to take on Veterans with funding from the Charity in order to help them facilitate their mental health with a much needed break.  This can be just for the Veteran themselves however the family can always come along to help with the recovery process. 

The hearing aids we provide Veterans with are uniquely selected for their level and type of hearing loss to ensure that certain requirements are never missed, if a Veteran is struggling at work they can be provided with clip on microphones, wireless multi-direction microphones and streamers for various Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones, laptops or television screens. Based on each case we can ensure that they get the supporting technology they need in order to lead a full, normal life.

Partially & Fully Funded

You will receive a free Hearing Test, all funding for your new Hearing Aids and any accessories you might need! Tinnitus support is also available at no cost!

5 Years

All our hearing technology comes with a 5 year guarantee & hearing aids with a 3 month exchange programme, ensuring your hearing aids are just right for you!


Once you have received your new hearing aids, we continue to offer you support at any time. This includes 3 years of expert aftercare to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Improved Quality Of Life

Our expert can select the best hearing aid systems, tailored specifically to suit your hearing needs. You can then enjoy a new and improved quality of life!

Help Us Fit More Veterans!

Since becoming a charity, we have managed to fit over 100 veterans with top-class hearing aids! However, we still have more than 1,500 veterans who need our help in getting back to a normal standard of life after the hearing damage they received in their years of service. Any donations we receive are a huge help in the lives of our vets and we are eternally grateful for whatever you may be able to spare.

Gold arned force service award

Proudly supporting those who serve!

UK Veterans Hearing Help (now the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation) received the Bronze Award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme in 2016, in 2019 we achieved Silver level and in 2020 we achieved the highest level Gold. The scheme provides an award for organisations that pledge, demonstrate or advocate support to defence and armed forces community.

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