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2 week Follow up for Mr Godden

Mr Godden’s 2 week check up by Samantha Bennett at Hear4U.

Daniel Godden – uk vet – part 2 – 2 weeks after having his hearing aids Mr Godden has reported that although things are louder they weren’t clearer necessarily. That was because we had him on 80% target as he wasn’t  yet ready for 100% but to prove benefit today, we took him to 100% to be reviewed in 2 weeks so that hopefully this corrects his clarity issues. he also advised that the batteries were tricky! but then putting a 312 battery in a 13 holder would be tricky !! so we advised on correct batteries and not his old ones for his old aid. Mr Goddens’ tinnitus hasn’t been affected by the hearing aids. We were hoping that as with some clients it can reduce or disappear but unfortunately not for Mr Godden, but at least it isn’t worse.

He feels that our system of work is “pretty good” and wrote on his feedback form ” excellent. To know you care and that you have organisations that are there to look after yo once you leave the services it is very comforting. best wishes to you all.”