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Andrew Lundie Army Veteran

Andrew’s Military Service:

Mr Lundie served within the forces from 1963-2002. He was in the Army- Infantry from 1963-198, Sultans Armed Forces 1980-1987, and TA 1987-2002.

Being in the Infantry he was in the front line working with tanks and artillery so was constantly exposed to noisy situations. On the ranges where there was minimal hearing protection he fired various rifles, Sen/Bren guns, machines guns, heavy artillery, and small arms. He was exposed to mortar fire especially when in the mortar platoon. He was in the parachute regiment for a period and was often flying in a C130 plane which had high pitched whining turbines. He was in building clearance when bombs, mortars and thunderflashes were set off, also building demolition during exercises. Several times after being on the ranges and after being exposed to mortars he was aware of partial deafness and ringing in his ears.


Andrew Lundie

Daily Life Struggles: 

  • Struggles to hear in all environments
  • He finds it difficult to hear the television, has this very loud
  • Group conversations and family gatherings are particularly difficult for him due to the background noise causing him to not hear or follow conversations.


On Assessment: 

Mr Lundie was referred to Richard Bunce down in Turo for a hearing assessment and was found to have bilateral mild steeply sloping to profound hearing loss. He has very poor hearing of severe to profound levels at the high frequencies which can seriously impact speech intelligibility, particularly in challenging listening situations.

His recommendation was a pair of the Linx 962 Quattro. He struggles in noisy places so this recommendation will support him, as they have the features to support with his hearing requirements.


Richard Bunce
Richard Bunce


Mr Lundie will continue to receive the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation support along with Richard Bunce going forward ensuring he is getting the most out of his hearing aids.