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Another Foundation Fitting success!

Mr Brian Stephenson Served within the RAF from 1971 to 1995. His hearing loss occurred during his time in service.

Mr Stephenson worked in noisy environments, such as hangers, classroom with 15 UDU’S and printers all going at once. As well as living next to the runway in Gibraltar, his initial training involved firing live ammunition on the rifle range along with other recruits. He was also exposed to aircraft noise on a daily basis with no hearing protection and worked with other noisy machinery.

Mr Brian Stephenson


The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation took Mr Brian Stephenson through their pathway in supporting him with fully funded top of the range hearing technology. We sent Mr Stephenson to one of our independent audiologists Mr Alan Witter the Director and Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hearbrite Limited who works alongside the Charity in supporting Veterans. The hearing assessment outcome was to fit Mr Stephenson with a pair of Sarkey Livio 2400 ITC rechargeable Hearing aids, along with a TV Streamer.


Mr Alan Witter


This recommendation was decided to meet Mr Stephenson’s requirements and to support with the issues he was facing daily with his hearing such as:

  1. Socialising- he struggles to hear what people are saying, even in one to one conversations.
  2. Shopping- he misinterprets what is being said to him when people are serving or assisting him.
  3. Outdoor activities- he cannot hear when their is a lot of background noise.
  4. Spending time with his grandchildren- he often struggles to hear what they are saying to him especially if they are both talking at once.


Mr Stephenson was fitted with his top of the range hearing technology in December 2020, the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation will continue on supporting Mr Stephenson alongside his audiologist Mr Alan Witter. We wish Mr Stephenson all the very best with hearing well again!


The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation would like to show gratitude to the Veterans Foundation  (Veterans Lottery) for exceptional funding that has allowed us to improve Mr Stephenson’s life in the dire times of COVID-19.


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