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Veteran Fitting Complete!

After Serving, Mr Craig Holland approached us in hopes of support with his hearing difficulties. Serving within the the Staffordshire regiment and the Mercian regiment, Craig developed hearing problems within his left ear. This was due to loud noises, such as heavy machinery and gunfire, extended exposure to loud noises can lead to drastic changes to someone’s hearing. From 1999-2015 Craig was enrolled in the armed forces, we’re happy to support him! 

The Mercian And  The Staffordshire Regiment

The Mercian Regiment is an Infantry Regiment of the British Army, recruited from the five counties that formed the ancient kingdom of Mercia. Known as The Heart of England’s Infantry, it was formed on 1st September 2007 at Tamworth Castle by the amalgamation of three existing regiments.

In 1959, the North Staffordshire Regiment and South Staffordshire Regiment amalgamated to form a single one-battalion regiment. The Staffordshire Regiment was an infantry regiment of the British Army, part of the Prince of Wales’ Division. 

How hearing effects veterans

Hearing loss effects many veterans, making day to day life a struggle. Activities as simple as holding conversations become immensely difficult. With this condition, veterans may feel very isolated, not able to join in conversations. This is why access to cutting edge hearing aids is important, helping improve a veteran’s quality of life. 

Life With Craig’s New Hearing Aid

Craig is very pleased with his new hearing aid and speaks on how it has made a massive difference in his life. He feels that they are comfortable and working well for him. We’re very pleased to provide support, thank you for your service!

Want to support a veteran like Craig?

If you would like to join our mission to help veterans across the UK then consider donating to our foundation! 100% of the proceeds go to supporting a veteran.

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