Army Veteran fitted in his own home!

Successfully fitted after his journey with the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation!

Mr William Paterson served in the 9/12 Royal Lancers from 1963 to 1984, being exposed to noise during this time. William started out with us in 2018 as he was in need for help with his hearing, he was struggling with daily life tasks and being within certain environments.

Mr William Paterson

How his hearing affected him:

Mr Paterson really struggled to hear his wife, and she was always having to repeat herself. Mr Paterson meets with fellow veterans once a month and had given up asking questions within the group as he could not hear their responses. He wanted to watch the television at the same level as his wife and understand certain programs, such as American ones. Mr Paterson also wanted to hear better on his mobile phone as he had it on full volume and still could not make out a full conversation. This was all very frustrating for William.

Hearing assessment:

Mr Paterson had a pair of NHS hearing aids, however he did not find them very helpful and struggles to hear clearly with them. On assessment carried out in the comfort of his own home, by Leanne Jones at Hear 1st  it was found that Mr Paterson has a mild to moderately severe sensorineural loss in the right ear and a moderate to moderately severe sensorineural hearing loss in the left ear.

It was recommended for Mr Paterson to be fitted with a pair of top of the range Phonak M90-R hearing aids for him to gain the performance he needs for his hearing loss. So this is what we did! Mr Paterson has now been fitted with his hearing aids, and we wish him all the best with hearing well again.

Our support does not stop here!

The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation will continue to support Mr William Paterson alongside Hear 1st with his hearing aids, and making sure William is receiving the best aftercare service going forward.