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Army Veteran Fitted With New Hearing Aids!

“Mr Eddie Cooper of Barwell”.

Mr Cooper, from Leicestershire, joined the Army as a boy entrant in 1958.

During his boy’s service he was subjected to small arms’ firing, sub machine gun, light machine gun and .303 rifles.  The field guns fired were 25 pounders.   He wasn’t given any ear defenders!

He was also a member of the Band with bugles, trumpets and drums!  A lot of the practicing was done in an enclosed space.

In 1960 he went on continuation training to Rhyl and at that time was training to be a Signaler.  They wore earphones a lot of the time during that training.   He said they were subjected to thunder flashes etc  whilst on exercise.

He was posted to The King’s Troop in late 1960 where he was a trumpeter.   He soon became the CO’s trumpeter which he was training to other trumpeters – standing in front of them a lot of the time whilst they were playing.

He was posted to the Junior Leaders’ Regiment in 1966 and was a Gunnery instructor for some 2 years – working again on 25 pound field guns.  Again, with no ear defenders.

Promoted to Trumpet Major in 1969, he was then teaching young soldiers to play the drums and trumpets.  He still attended annual firing camps.

During winter months all sounding and band practices were carried out in an enclosed space.   He worked with the band until 1983.  All this exposure to noise, in its various guises, lead to quite a deterioration in his hearing.

Picture on this post is Mr cooper himself taken in 1982.

He heard about the UK Vets’ scheme when he visited Hear4U in Hinckley with his wife to have her earwax removed.   There was a Vets’ flier on the wall and the receptionist brought it to his attention. He was given immediate attention and a hearing test was arranged for the following week.

Mr Cooper is more than happy with the service he has received from Hear4U and UK Veterans Hearing Fund throughout the process.   He said:

I had no idea it would be so simple to get my hearing aids.  Professionally and respectfully presented in my own home and everything explained to me by a true professional in Roger.

Roger fitted him with a pair of Phonak Marvel M90 rechargeable hearing aids, along with a TV Select streamer, enabling him to hear the sound clearly through his hearing aids – without the volume being too loud for his wife and family.  He can also stream mobile phone calls through the aids as well.  The aids have been set to 80% of his prescription initially, but a follow up appointment in two weeks will address whether he would like it increased.  We will continue to review his hearing regularly to ensure the very best sound quality for Mr Cooper.

If you served and struggle with your hearing, please get in touch with us to start your journey with the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation on 01455 248900 or email us at [email protected]