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Veterans With Hearing Difficulties Supported

Mr. Gerald Vick came to us looking for support with his hearing difficulties. A veteran, who served in the Army from 1970-1994. Gerald’s hearing problems were solved thanks to a pair of Phonak M90 hearing aids.

About Gerald

Gerald was an Arms Instructor, teaching recruits how to handle weaponry including firearms and anti-tank weapons. As you can imagine, constantly being exposed to this environment takes a heavy toll. Gerald’s ear health greatly declined due to the constant loud settings. Heavy gunfire and loud explosions rapidly deteriorated his ear health. 

Most veterans suffer from hearing conditions too complex for NHS hearing aids and require more complex technology.

Difficulties with hearing problems

Sufferers of hearing difficulties may feel left out when speaking in groups as they are not able to join in due to conflicting noises. Activities like speaking over the phone and watching TV are difficult too, which leads to the individual avoiding those activities altogether. Complex listening environments will be difficult to socialize in due to different sounds and pitches. This is especially the case with competing background noises, also when hearing is required over a long distance.

About Gerald’s new hearing aids

Gerald has been fitted with Phonak’s M90 hearing aids. Most hearing aids within this line are rechargeable, making sure that users can stay on the go without the worry of changing batteries over. Some other capabilities include Speech in Noise, which measures a person’s ability to hear speech in noisy environments. A very useful feature for Gerald is Speech in car, making it easier to hear and understand speech when traveling within a vehicle.  

Gerald was fitted at Hear4u Rothwell by Ben Olivier.

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