Army Veteran Mr Alan Catlin Supported

About Mr Catlin

In 1950, Mr Catlin joined the army and went on several operational tours, including Northern Ireland, Japan, China, Singapore, and Korea. During his service, he was a part of several regiments, including the Royal Irish Fusiliers, the Royal Ulster Rifles, the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, and the King’s Own Scottish Borderers.

Mr Catlin’s Hearing Loss

Determining the root cause of Mr Catlin’s hearing loss is challenging due to the multiple factors he experienced while serving in the Army. However, he recounts frequent exposure to loud gunfire and mortar bombs, which is suspected to have contributed to his hearing decline. Exposure to loud noises without adequate ear protection is a common cause of hearing loss and tinnitus among veterans.

Mr Catlin’s New Hearing Aids

Mr Catlin has recently been equipped with cutting-edge hearing aids, a pair of Phonak L90s, possessing a plethora of advanced capabilities and features. These features serve to enhance his daily life by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. The hearing aids boast an impressive range of features, including SmartSpeech™ Technology and Health Data Tracking. These amazing hearing aids were fitted by Healthy Hearing in Ferndown.

The Final Result

It brings us immense joy to share that Mr Catlin is thoroughly pleased with his recent acquisition of hearing aids. We feel honoured to have provided him with our unwavering support throughout this process. We are confident that Mr Catlin will experience a significant improvement in daily life, and we wish him all the best for his new exciting future.

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