Army Veteran Mr Kane Davies

Mr Kane Davies:

Mr Davies served in the 27  Regiment from 2006 to 2017 and was exposed to loud noise during this time damaging his hearing. At a young age of 31 Mr Davies still has his whole life ahead of him, so the need for these hearing aids was essential! Mr Davies has a new born baby and to hear them cry, will be a wonderful feeling for him.


Mr Davies daily Struggles:

  1. Kane struggles to hear his wife when she is talking to him, this is frustrating for them both.
  2. When watching the television he needs the subtitles on to support him in understanding what is being said.
  3. Currently working in motorway recovery he struggles to hear which direction the traffic is coming from.
  4. Finds he is shouting a lot, feeling he can’t be heard properly.


On Hearing Assessment:

Mr Davies’s audiogram shows a mild sensorineural hearing loss. Though this loss is mild it is across almost all tested frequencies and processing issues will heighten any perceived difficulty with conversation. This type of hearing loss causes difficulty in day to day life due the loss of volume of speech, requiring greater concentration in complex listening environments in which there are competing background noises. People with this kind of hearing loss can expect to struggle when people are not facing them or if they are speaking over a distance, when normal hearing people would have no issue. The preferred volume of the television or radio for a person with this type of loss is too loud for normal hearing individuals.


Kane Davies


Mr Davies is feeling extremely grateful for his hearing aids,  the difficulties he was experiencing on a daily basis have already improved his lifestyle, we wish Mr Davies all the best with hearing well again.

Mr Davies will now continue to receive the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation’s support alongside Chester Hearing and Balance Services LLP  going forward as part of his aftercare service. 

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The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation would like to show gratitude to the Veterans Foundation  (Veterans Lottery) for exceptional funding that has allowed us to improve Mr Davies life in the dire times of COVID-19