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Army Veteran Paul Sweeney Supported With New Hearing Aids

About Mr Sweeney

Paul served in the Coldstream Guards, a British army regiment specialising in light-role operations such as reconnaissance, machine gun and mortar operations, and engaging enemy troops on foot and in light vehicles. The Coldstream Guards has a long-standing history, being the oldest continuously serving regiment in the Army, dating back to the English Civil War. They have bravely fought in almost all British-involved conflicts, earning a well-deserved reputation for loyalty and courage.

Mr Sweeney’s Hearing Loss

Paul’s hearing was severely impaired in 1986 following a bomb blast in Belfast. As is often the case with military personnel, this type of injury is not uncommon. Although he was given hearing aids from the NHS, they were insufficient in addressing the extent of the damage inflicted by the explosion. As a result, Paul required top-of-the-line hearing aids to enable him to efficiently conduct his daily activities.

The Final Result

We recognised that Paul was facing a difficult situation, and we were determined to find a solution that would suit him best. We offered Mr Sweeney top-notch hearing aids that fit comfortably, allowing him to manage his daily tasks with ease. Once fitted, It was delightful to see him with a contented smile, knowing that we could assist him in enhancing his quality of life. 

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