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Christopher Clarke and his journey

Christopher’s time in Service

Mr Clarke served 33 years in the Navy and was using firearms and around gunfire for a large amount of his time in the Forces. The majority of Mr Clarke’s career has been in the Royal Navy, at least 95% plus, therefore his hearing loss is associated with his service in the Forces.

His daily struggles

Mr Clarke struggles at home and at work within his role as a Health and Safety Officer, attending meetings, giving advice to fellow workers and in the general day to day office environment with communication. This hearing loss in this environment if not improved can be detrimental to his future progression within any career if he is seen to be not able to not only cope but excel within his role. Missing clarity in speech, especially in noise will mean that he is asking people to continually repeat  themselves which is frustrating for both the people and Christopher.

Hearing test results

Christopher’s hearing test outcome was that he has a Binaural high frequency hearing loss and severe tinnitus in both ears, and was recommended by Hearing Solutions UK the GN Resound Quattro 9 binaural rechargeable aids. Chris has an iphone and these aids are compatible with iPhone. This will improve telephone conversations along with a Multi Microphone for speech in noise difficulty. Struggles in social situations with partner.

The good news!

After some Fantastic news that the Royal Navy Benevolent Trust and Help for Heroes would contribute to his funding after going through different applications and a tough journey for this support, the Veterans Foundation funded the rest of the outstanding amount to get him fitted with the recommended top of the range hearing aids. Mr Clarke can now excel in his civilian career and forge ahead with his new civilian life after serving his country so well.


Christopher Clarke with his new hearing aids.