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Dennis Waite Fitted With Hearing Aids!

Mr Dennis Waite – was in the Army for 45 years!! Starting at 15 years of age. He was in the REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) His hearing was definitely damaged by his years in the forces with a bomb blast in Brunei, was in Ireland and had a couple of bomb blasts there. Also used a range of weapon and worked in workshops with engines.

No hearing protection was worn in the early days to cotton wool, to an ear plug to ear defenders in the 45 years of service.

Mr Waite met the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation at the Bramcote show in the Summer of 2018, this is when his journey with us began. Dennis started the application process and his hearing was tested, with a hearing loss he was recommended with hearing aids and completed the application process with us.

Fitted today with  top of the range Marvel 90 RIC’s and to be reviewed in 2 weeks.

If you served and struggle with your hearing, please get in touch with us to start your journey with the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation on 01455 248900 or email us at [email protected]