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Even a small amount time serving can destroy hearing…

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Mr Taylor was with the Royal Engineers for 2 years. He was a trainer a Farborough and would take the new intakes on the range, firing a lot of live rounds. With more than one shot being fired at the same time, the noise was extremely loud.

On testing, it was found that Mr Taylor has mild sloping to profound sensorineural hearing loss in his right ear and normal sloping to profound sensorineural hearing loss in his left ear.

Before the fitting

He wears NHS hearing aids at the moment, but he describes the sound as “tinny”. Even with these aids in, he says that group conversations are “murder”. This affects him greatly as he is a social person, and it makes him feel excluded. Mr Taylor struggles with the tv and radio, he admits that the tv is up so loud it “annoys the cat”!  He also finds hearing on the phone difficult and has to have it on speaker.

What was done

“We recommend binaural Phonak Audeo Marvel 90 Rechargeable hearing aids. These will provide Mr Taylor with clear and rich sound. This technology will provide better speech understanding in noise and less listening effort which will help his current difficulty of hearing in social situations.”

This platform also recognises, analyses and automatically adapts to precisely match more listening situations using its autosense feature. The hearing aids also have Binaural Voicestream technology for streaming the full audio bandwidth, which helps tackle challenging listening situations.

This linking of the two hearing aids ensures that Mr Taylor can benefit from improved sound quality, especially in a noisy environment, on the phone or when he cannot face the speaker. This technology will also provide him with a more natural sound experience.

These hearing aids can also connect to any Bluetooth enabled phone allowing Mr Taylor to take hands free phone calls but with better sound quality.

As these hearing aids are rechargeable he does not need to worry about replacing batteries as this option offers a full day of power, making it more reliant.

Thank you for your service, Mr Dennis Taylor

Side view of hearing aid after fitting into ear infront of door