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Ex-Serviceman equipped with hearing technology!

Henry Hall served in the RAF from 1961 to 1994. In 1970 he was diagnosed at a permanent commission medical with high tone deafness. He was a pilot of Beverlys from 1962 to 1965 and then Hercules from 1966 to 1992, he wore communication headsets as the plans were very noisy.

Mr Hall worked with the US Royal Air Force when “the sky would light up with gunfire” He fired 303 rifles for his station at the RAF Lyneham over a 9 year period he also fired, Sten and Bren guns. Henry was a right hand shot meaning his left ear is slightly worse as a result of this.

Also Henry served in the TA with the Army for 3 years prior to joining the RAF. He was also in the Royal Horse Artillery 4.2mm mortars and he was the number 1 gunner/bombardier!


Mr Henry Hall


Henry came to the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation for hearing support, because he required top of the range hearing aids as his daily life was getting impacted by his hearing. When Henry was in crowded environments it was very difficult for him to pick up the conversation he was trying to have with someone, the television was always on an extremely loud volume, which impacted on those around him. Hearing in the car was difficult due to the engine noise, and hearing his wife at all times was a struggle for him, so enough was enough and he reached out for our help!

The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation have now successfully took Mr Hall through his journey to receiving fully funded top of the range hearing aids. Henry had a hearing assessment carried out by Mr Richard Bunce which resulted in Henry having Sensorineural severe high frequency hearing loss, and was recommended the GN Resound Quattro 962 hearing aids to live up to Mr Halls hearing requirements.

Henry will now continue to receive the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation and Mr Bunce’s support with his hearinng aids, we all wish Mr Hall the very best with hearing clearly again for his upcoming future.


Mr Richard Bunce