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Fixing Mr Brown’s Hearing Loss

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Mr Brown from Leicester served in the Royal Air Force for a number of years and during his Service, he was subjected to high levels of noise both from aircraft and from weapon training invariably without the use of ear defenders. On one particular occasion, he was in a Hastings aircraft for 13 hours with the constant drone of the engine and as a result, he could not hear properly for nearly three weeks.

He struggles in life in many ways, especially when watching the television where he has to turn the sound up very loud. He has used NHS hearing aids but they are not attuned to his deafness, found them uncomfortable and did not help much with his hearing loss. He cannot use a telephone without the use of the speaker and finds it difficult to grasp the full conversation. Mr Brown often has to ask people to repeat themselves which is both frustrating to him, his colleagues and more so his wife.

Mr Brown has been fitted with GN Resound Linx 3D Level 9binaural hearing system which will help him with his severity of the high-frequency loss. This will make telephone calls much clearer and can make the relevant adjustments using the app on his phone. In addition, he has been provided with a TV streamer so that he can cope better with the sound and control the volume level through his hearing aids.

After fitting, Mr Brown said that he could not feel the devices in his ears and, already there had been a marked improvement on what he could hear right from the outset.