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Giving back to an RAF Veteran!

Mr Robert Churchill came to us for hearing support in 2018. Mr Churchill has worn hearing aids for nearly 20 years. He was referred for an MRI scan in 2000 by his works medical for asymmetrical loss, firing rifles has caused his hearing to deteriorate over time, he has had tinnitus for 20+ years.


Mr Churchill was in the RAF from 4/1/1967 – 1/7/1976. He was an electrical apprentice initially and ended up as an electrical technician working on missiles. He spent time on rifle ranges fitting 303s and SLRs, also Bren guns, after being on the range he had temporary tinnitus and partial deafness which went off after a few hours. A lot of his career was spent around and in aircraft, loading them, driving fork lift trucks, the planes were Hercules transport/cargo planes very noisy. He flew a lot in Cyprus and Germany.


The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation took Mr Churchill through his journey to receiving fully funded top of the range hearing aids, his audiologist Richard Bunce worked with him throughout making sure he had the results he needed to get to the end of his journey also.


Richard Bunce


Richard Bunce recommended the GN Resound Quattro 961 to meet all of Mr Churchill’s needs. He struggles with the TV and has the subtitles on and struggles within groups of people having a conversation. He has an iPhone which he uses for answering the phone which can tune with these new hearing aids to.


Mr Churchill was fitted with his new top of the range hearing aids in September 2020. We wish him all the best with hearing at his best! while he still has the ongoing support from the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation and Richard Bunce.