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HMS Birmingham Serviceman Supported

Veteran John Levey came to us looking for support due to his struggles with hearing loss. John enlisted in the navy in 1964 and was discharged in 1998. Within that time, John worked aboard the HMS Birmingham.

What Caused John’s Hearing Loss?

At Rosyth Dockyard, John believes that his hearing loss began whilst refits were taking place on the boat, the hammering would reverberate around the ship, damaging the worker’s ears. Loud noises such as this are highly likely to be the main cause of a veteran’s hearing loss. However, in the environments veterans must work in, it’s almost impossible to avoid. John also hears slight ringing in his ears occasionally as his time serving has also caused him to suffer from tinnitus.

What John has to say

“I miss a lot of general conversation and struggle to hear when I’m in the company of several people who are talking at the same time.” As the case with most veterans who suffer from hearing loss, the feeling of isolation and anxiety can be overwhelming.

A study in 2015 found that 72% of Veterans with tinnitus also had a diagnosis of anxiety, 60% had depression, and 58% had both conditions.

The solution

Most veterans suffer from hearing conditions too complex for NHS hearing aids and require more complex technology. Due to this, we have provided John with top-of-the-range hearing aids. These hearing aids will make it easier for him to hear in crowds and groups, allowing him to join in conversations with ease.

Want to support a veteran like John?

If you would like to join our mission to help veterans across the UK then consider donating to our foundation! 100% of the proceeds go to supporting a veteran.

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