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Irish Guards Veteran Supported

Anthony Feeney was a dedicated member of the Irish Guards, an elite Irish regiment with a long history of bravery and excellence in the military. He served in the regiment from 1969 to 1992.

Mr Feeney’s Military Service

Throughout his 23 years of service, Anthony carried out his duties with professionalism and dedication. He was frequently called upon to use firearms and handle high explosives, tasks that required a high level of precision and skill. Unfortunately, the constant exposure to loud noises and explosions eventually took a toll on his hearing, a common issue among military personnel who work with explosives.

Despite this challenge, Anthony remained committed to his duty and continued to serve his country with distinction until his retirement in 1992. His service in the Irish Guards is a testament to his bravery, dedication, and loyalty to his country.

How His Hearing Loss Occurred

Mr Feeney was known as an assault pioneer, skilled in the use of explosives to destroy obstacles such as trees and bridges. It was during this time that he first experienced hearing issues. He sought medical attention when a discharge from one ear indicated an ear infection and hearing loss. A hearing test confirmed this, and he was subsequently referred to the RAF Hospital for treatment. It was discovered that he had split his eardrum around the edge. Years later, in 1989 while stationed in Belfast, he underwent an operation to repair the break and received a skin graft on his eardrum. Upon leaving the army, he was informed that both of his ears were perforated.

Anthony’s New Hearing Aids

Mr. Feeney’s new hearing aids are highly durable and come equipped with a range of features that will significantly improve his quality of life. One such feature is automatic focus, which allows Mr. Feeney to tune in to what he wants to hear. This feature is especially helpful in group settings or noisy environments, where he can concentrate on specific conversations or situations. The hearing aids were designed to focus on separating background noise, which has been a major challenge for Mr. Feeney in noisy situations.

We are delighted to hear that Mr. Feeney is doing well with his hearing aids. Moreover, we are extremely appreciative of the opportunity to assist such an inspiring veteran. We wish him the best of luck for the future.

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