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About Mrs Lynne Harrison

We were approached by Mrs. Harrison, a former member of the Women’s Royal Army Corps (WRAC), for assistance with her hearing loss and tinnitus. She found the hearing aids provided by the NHS insufficient to manage her everyday activities.

Mrs Harrison’s NHS Hearing Aids

Not only did the hearing aids provided by the NHS fail to offer Mrs. Harrison complete assistance, but they also resulted in physical harm.

“The moulds in the hearing aids caused ear infections and pain”

NHS hearing aids proved to be completely inadequate for Mrs. Harrison due to their lack of useful features, limited customisation options, and the excruciating pain they caused her. Consequently, she was forced to discontinue their use. The gravity of this situation is underscored by the fact that even some veterans prefer to forego using hearing aids provided by the NHS.

The Final Result

We understood that it was a challenging situation for her, and we were committed to finding a solution that would work best for her. We provided Mrs Harrison with high-quality hearing aids that fit comfortably, enabling her to tackle her daily routine with ease. We were happy to see her leave with a smile on her face knowing that we could help her improve her quality of life.

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