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Mr Alan Pilkington Supported

About Alan

From 1962 to 1971, Mr. Pilkington served in the Army and participated in operational tours in Malaya, Borneo, Cyprus, and Berlin. Mr Pilkington experienced the start of his hearing loss during his active service in Borneo and Malaya in 1962. This hearing loss continued throughout his time in the army while he was driving various loud vehicles, along with handling loud weaponry.

“I come across many various noise conditions during my army service including weapons, explosives, and anti-tank weapons. Life in a light infantry regiment. “

How hearing loss has effected Alan

“I have great difficulty in phone conversations, near impossible to enjoy group meetings. If someone is wearing a mask, I cannot understand what they are saying. People avoid talking to me most of the time and my hearing has pushed me to the back, I have had to stand back from playing bowls etc.”

The Final Result

We were able to provide him with state-of-the-art hearing aids that have made a world of difference in his daily life. Now, he’s able to fully participate in conversations and enjoy all the sounds around him with clarity and ease. We’re proud to have been able to support Alan and improve his quality of life.

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