PART 1. Phillip Howells’ Hearing Pathway with the UKVHF – The Veteran

Phillip Howell

Phillip joined the Army as a boy soldier at 17 years old, and as he joined the Royal Artillery, Commando Regiment was quickly absorbed into live firing, small arms, explosions, etc.  Hearing protection was available at the time but the level of protection it afforded would not have protected from the shock waves emitting from these devices.

Phillip also worked the HF radio’s which communicated between him and Command and emitted constant noise into one ear which is quite noticeable in his hearing loss.

He had two trips to Northern Ireland, and a trip to the Falklands resulted in Phillip being blown up by an incoming artillery shell which caused him some physical damage also at this point.

Phillip was away from his family for up to 9 months at a time during the 18 years he was in the Army, so was away from his wife and children and missed out hugely on their upbringing.

On leaving, he left with several physical ailments due to the explosion in the Falklands, and with a noise induced hearing loss.  Having performed a few different work roles since leaving he is now a part time Bus Driver, whilst raising his grandson for the last 8 years which as he states is a lovely way to fill in the gaps on raising his own children, whilst challenging as his grandson comes towards his teenage years.