You are currently viewing Part 4 of Rodney Marks hearing pathway with the UKVHF – Our manufacturer of choice

Part 4 of Rodney Marks hearing pathway with the UKVHF – Our manufacturer of choice

The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation works with all manufacturers within the hearing aid industry, with no preference other than for which the veteran feels they get the best response from.

For Rodney we chose GN Resound as our choice of manufacturer.

Resounds heritage dates all the way back to 1943, pioneering the hearing aid industry and delivering several hearing industry firsts.  GN Resound delivered 2.4GHz technology in hearing aids for direct connectivity.  They also created the worlds first made for iPhone hearing aid with direct streaming.

GN Resound wants to do more than making sounds audible!  They want to bring sounds to life so that people forget they have a hearing loss.

They have won a number of awards across the world such as the CES Innovation Award 2017,  Die Goldene Concha 2016, Golden Lobe Award 2016, IHS Markit Innovation Award 2016 & 2017.

Helping the Veteran’s Needs

The latest technology from GN Resound is Quattro and we fitted Rodney with rechargeable hearing aids so that it took away with dealing with fiddly batteries.  When hearing this system with its Sound Recover feature enabled, he will have access to speech sounds that he currently struggles to hear, providing better intelligibility and less listening effort generally.

We can expect that with this feature and the use of a TV connector, that he and his wife can watch television comfortably together.

The Quattro 9 has many features to aid better speech intelligibility in noisy environments. Including binaural directionality III which will allow the user to easily listen to what is directly in front of him but keeps him aware of environmental sounds around him, therefore supporting a very natural hearing experience. The noise tracker removes unwanted noise for better understanding of speech.

The spatial sense feature, on top of the appropriate amplification on his differing sides, will help with the localization of sound.  The additional use of the multi-mic will further aid listening in a complex environment.

So now we knew what we were going to fit Rodney with, Richard our audiologist got the equipment together and arranged for the fitting of the hearing system.