You are currently viewing PART 4. Phillip Howells’ Hearing Pathway with the UKVHF – Our Manufacturer of Choice

PART 4. Phillip Howells’ Hearing Pathway with the UKVHF – Our Manufacturer of Choice

Phillip was fitted with Phonak Marvel Rechargeable Receiver in the Canal hearing aids.  His first words to me were “I can hear the phone calls I receive through my hearing aids absolutely clearly!” This had been one of Phillip’s issues that he could not hold a conversation on the phone but the Bluetooth ability in the Marvel is second to none. Phonak created a new Bluetooth protocol for Marvel which allows it to connect to any Bluetooth device.  With regards to the mobile, it allows true hands-free use so keeping the phone in your pocket and taking the call by pressing a button on the Marvel aid means it’s that easy!

Phonak Marvel hearing aids are a brilliant technological advancement for hearing aids users.  The 20-channel instrument (which is the top-level) has excellent ability in speech in noise and compresses background noise very effectively to allow the clear speech to come through above the noise.  They are a robust instrument with a fabulous IP 65 rating so they can cope majorly well in dusty areas and in water – not waterproof! – but very capable of keeping itself together in rain and moisture.

42 million transistors are used by the Sword 3.0 chip that is inside every Marvel aid! The chip runs AutoSense 3.0 software which is constantly scanning the environment and adjusting the hearing aid to give the best listening performance achievable for the client.

The Marvel Remote App means that the user can make multiple changes to the aids themselves without relying on the Dispenser for support, and if you do need help this can be performed remotely via video!  Perfect for Phillip in Scotland with towns and villages being widespread.