You are currently viewing Part 5 of Rodney Marks hearing pathway with the UKVHF – The Day of Fitting & Outcomes

Part 5 of Rodney Marks hearing pathway with the UKVHF – The Day of Fitting & Outcomes

The day came when Richard our Professional Partner was booked in to fit Rodney Marks with his hearing aids from GN Resound.

We were able to fit Rodney with his thin wires and domes on his hearing aids due to the advanced technology that the Quattro hearing aids offered.  So cosmetics-wise we had a happy veteran.

It is important to remember that as much as we want to achieve the best result hearing wise for every individual, we also have to take into account their desires and what they wish to achieve, as long as our advice is transparent and honest and they know the result of their choices.

The Right Choice

As it was Rodney was hearing beautifully.  He loved the fact that he didn’t have to change his batteries and just placed the hearing system into its charger unit every evening ready for the next day.

Comfort was a huge factor for Rodney, and he felt that his ears were so free of the big mould that he was used to wearing on his old hearing system.  After an hour of the fitting, Richard felt he had achieved a great result and Rodney agreed.

The proof was now in the weeks to come after Rodney went into lots of different listening environments, and Richard could go back for the check-up and make changes to Rodney’s outcomes to ensure the best listening ability in all situations.

What does Rodney Think?

On speaking to Rodney today, he advises great improvements for the 4 of the 5 situations he advised us about prior to beginning his pathway with us.  He showed improvement with the television, with his wife one to one, in background noise and just in general.  The fifth situation in groups will be reviewed with Richard next week as Rodney hasn’t had a chance with COVID 19 to get into any significant meeting settings as yet.  We can report back to the Funder of this veteran the positive outcomes to Rodney’s pathway to hearing better and class this pathway a great success for everyone involved.

Thank you for your Service Rodney.