PART 5. Phillip Howells’ Hearing Pathway with the UKVHF – The Day of Fitting and Outcomes

Family feast

Phillip noticed an instant benefit to his new Marvel hearing aids.  When we touched on his five issues from Part 1 of his journey, everything apart from the restaurants and pubs which he has not been able to access has been improved.

He loves the blue tooth ability with the aids attaching to his mobile phone, and the ability to control the hearing aids from his phone.  With the remoteness of his town, the ability to have alterations to his hearing aids over the phone and not having to travel is a huge bonus with his driving job and looking after his grandson.

His wife also noted a huge improvement, and this is important.  It is often that family suffer way more with an individual hearing loss than the individual themselves depending upon how aware they are of the impact of their hearing on people around them.

Chris from Aberdeen and Inverness Hearing Services says “Mr. Howell has found that the television is not being turned up nearly as high as it was before wearing his hearing aids. He’s also found it much easier to hear his family while at home. While sticking to the 2 metre rule Mr. Howell has noticed quite a benefit in speaking to others outside of the home. At work, he is finding it much easier to hear passengers and where they would like to go. Using the phone is much easier as the sound of the phone is being streamed directly to his ears, so he can also use his hearing aids like headphones for listening to music”.

We are grateful to Phillip for his service to our country and the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation are extremely proud with Aberdeen and Inverness Hearing Services in Scotland to have been able to put him on the pathway to great hearing.