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RAF Carpenter Christopher Trounson Supported

Mr Trounson’s Military Service

Former RAF carpenter/joiner Mr Trounson was frequently exposed to loud noises from machinery and tools. He also used firearms like 303s, Bren and Sten guns without any hearing protection. He later had a temporary assignment with the Army where he was exposed to noisy vehicles and weapons such as SLRs, GMPGs and mortars while stationed in Aden with the Royal Engineers. His RAF career also involved flying in helicopters and planes that produced loud noise. While stationed in Cyprus, he was in close proximity to Lightnings and Bombers that frequently took off, landed, cruised, and revved up, causing him to be exposed to even more loud noise.

The Effects of Military Service

Based on Mr Trounson’s audiogram, he has mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss in both ears that slopes. This type of hearing loss may make it challenging for him to hear in complex listening environments with competing background noises. He may also have difficulty hearing softly spoken speakers and conversations over a distance, especially if he cannot see the speaker’s face. A person with this type of hearing loss may prefer the volume on the television or radio to be louder than someone with normal hearing, and phone conversations may be difficult due to the lack of visual cues.

Mr Trounson received a pair of hearing aids from NHS Audiology outpatients about two years ago, but he finds them uncomfortable even after having them refitted several times. He still struggles with conversation and tries to avoid places with background noise.

Mr Trounson’s New Hearing Aids

Mr Trounson has recently been fitted with a pair of GN OMNIA 9 hearing aids, which are highly durable and have a range of features that will significantly improve his quality of life. The most significant benefit of these hearing aids is their automatic focus, which enables Mr Trounson to tune into what he wants to hear. This function is beneficial in group settings or noisy environments, as it allows him to concentrate on specific conversations or situations. The hearing aids were designed with a focus on separating background noise, which is a major challenge for Mr Trounson in noisy situations.

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