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RAF Veteran fitted with fully funded hearing aids

Mr Godden, aged 85 years was in the ROYAL AIR FORCE he dealt with underwater weapons development, at the (AIDU) and was a reservist totaling 7 years service.  He was also a marksman at Bisley and competed with all the other services, and won bronze and silver medals a number of times.  This was firing at 1000 yards which was a tremendous distance.  Mr Godden’s hearing was damaged by near by explosions which caused a profound high frequency sensori neural loss, deteriorating over the years. His hearing loss affected him terribly at home, especially with the TV and conversation. If more than two people talking – he couldn’t hear the conversation.  He also couldn’t hear the door bell or the telephone. Mr Godden has now been fitted with Phonak Naida B90’s – the latest in power technology from Phonak.  Everything sounds very sharp initially so he is set at 80% to get used to the sharpness.  In a fortnight we will move him to 90% and see how he is progressing. Our first class aftercare will ensure his success with his new hearing aids, as we will proceed at his speed and enhance his hearing requirements.