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RAF Veteran Mrs Prudence Hardie Success!

RAF Veteran Mrs Prudence Hardie Success!

Mrs Hardie carried out service within the RAF from September 1956 to June 1971 and was exposed to noise during this time.

Mrs Prudence Hardie

How Mrs Hardie was affected! 

Prudence felt very isolated due to her hearing loss and with her also being partially sighted this does not help her with lip reading. She is always misunderstanding people when they are talking to her and finds herself apologising all the time for asking people to repeat themselves. Mrs Hardie also had to directly face the speaker when talking, otherwise she tries to lipread which is also proving to be difficult. This has left her feeling frustrated and quite upset and is affecting her quality of life a lot as she is finding it difficult to socialise due to not being able to enjoy conversations anymore.

Hearing Assessment:

Mrs Hardie was sent for a hearing assessment with Imperial Hearing in Swindon, on testing Mrs Hardie, it was found that she has a severe high frequency hearing loss and moderate loss in low frequencies. It was recommended the Oticon More 1 MiniRite Rechargable technology.

This has a new platform which will offer more cognitive support for Mrs Hardie. The Open Sound Optimizer allows additional 6dB gain without feedback. This technology proactively identifies feedback and engages before feedback affects sound quality, preserving audibility and speech. It will help Mrs Hardie enjoy a full, balanced soundscape across all listening environments. It will also allow her brain to decide who and what to listen to, and how to switch attention when needed. This technology has increased memory and processing speed and sensitive detectors to monitor changes in the acoustic environment for better speech understanding in more complex listening environments. As these hearing aids are rechargeable, Mrs Hardie no longer needs to worry about replacing batteries as this option is more reliable and offers a full day of power.


Mrs Hardie with her hearing aids in.

Going Forward:

Mrs Hardie will now continue to receive our support along side Imperial Hearing as part of her aftercare service we dedicate to her and her hearing aids. We wish Mrs Hardie all the best with hearing well again.

Navy Banner showing the Veterans' Foundation logo alongside the Union Jack flagThe UK Veterans Hearing Foundation would like to show gratitude to the Veterans Foundation  (Veterans Lottery) for exceptional funding that has allowed us to improve Mrs Hardie’s life in the dire times of COVID-19.