You are currently viewing Richard Hodgson fitted with top of the range hearing technology!
Mr. Hodgson fitted with his hearing aids on 17th August 2020

Richard Hodgson fitted with top of the range hearing technology!

Mr Hodgson’s Time in service

Mr Hodgson is an ex RAF police with 16 years service, Mr Hodgson joined the RAF in Febuary 1992 at the age of 25 left the forces in 2007, he was a RAF Police dog handler.

Having spent his first two years at RAF West Drayton He was then Posted to Laabruch Germany. He spent the next three years there before being posted back to the UK at RAF Waddington. He was them posted to 12SU at RAF Episkopi on Cyprus enjoying the sunshine.

After a further three years he was posted back to RAF Waddington where he was promoted to Corporal. He then moved to Brize Norton and did a drugs detection handling course. In 2004 at Melton Mowbray he became a Defence Animal Instructor. He was discharged in 2004 after thoroughly enjoying his career. His hearing loss was caused by close proximity to aircraft noise & gun fire.

My time as an RAF Police Dog Handler could be a very stressful experience, as I had the responsibility of protecting buildings, items and personnel, but I also had the responsibility of being on patrol with an SA80 rifle and a Browning 9mm pistol, both live round loaded.  Also my Air dog was classed as a weapon for legal purposes.  This can be a very stressful situation, knowing in the right situations I had the authority and the backing of the law to open fire or release my dog, potentially causing life changing injuries, or at worst, death.  In recent years I have struggled, not only with my numerous health issues, but with depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Daily Struggle for Mr Hodgson

  1. Struggles to hear when having mobile/telephone conversations
  2. The clarity is not clear when watching the television even with the volume right up
  3. When he is in the car the engine noise affects his hearing
  4. When the spokesman is not facing him, turned away or wearing a mask he cannot hear them
  5. He struggles in background noise
  6. Finds it difficult to hear unfamiliar voices and when people are speaking quietly

Mr Hodgson’s fitting

Mr Hodgson has now been fitted with top of the range Starkey Livio Ai 2400 rechargeable hearing aids, along with a TV Streamer, advanced remote control and 5 years warranty. His audiologist Paul Smith from Yorkshire Hearing  has supported him throughout his entire journey now supporting him with his aftercare service.

These hearing aids along with the accessories will now help Mr Hodgson with all his above daily struggles with his hearing. We hope not only will these hearing aids help with his hearing but also support him with his many health issues, giving him a better quality of life going forward.

Paul Smith- Audiologist and Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser for Yorkshire Hearing
Mr. Hodgson fitted with his hearing aids on 17th August 2020


The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation would like to show gratitude to the Veterans Foundation  (Veterans Lottery) for exceptional funding that has allowed us to improve Mr Hodgson’s life in the dire times of COVID-19.Navy Banner showing the Veterans' Foundation logo alongside the Union Jack flag