Ricky Nicholson Approved For Hearing Aids.

R Nicholson With His New Hearing Aids

Mr Nicholson was in the royal artillery for approx. 15 years. Exposed to tremendous amounts of noise on a daily bases.

The hearing loss he suffered as a result has affected his ability to understand the clarity of speech in back ground noise, to the point he has stopped going out as much as he normally would.

He has noticed he has been doing a lot of lip reading, however this has it’s boundaries.

Ricky also was not aware of the hearing loss he had suffered until he had a hearing test as he was prompted to do so by family.

Mr Nicholson has now been fitted with top of the range recommended GN Resound Quattro level 9 technology Hearing Aids.

This will provide Mr Nicholson with the processing capability he requires from a hearing system to manage his very poor hearing ability in noise.

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