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Royal Army Ordnance Corps successfully fitted

Throughout 1965 Mr Spence was apart of the former Royal Army Ordnance Corps, who dealt only with the supply and maintenance of weaponry, munitions and other military equipment. Being part of the national service included constant exposure to noise on the parade ground with drills and shouting throughout the day. Carrying out weaponry training of small arms and firing machine guns, he did not wear hearing protection during any of this time as there was none available.

Mr Spence was currently wearing NHS hearing aids but was still struggling with day to day life with his hearing, particularly struggling in groups and finds himself often asking people to repeat themselves. Watching television has become a struggle, with the sound on, his neighbours complain about the loudness. This has now resorted to watching TV on mute with the subtitles on. Conversations on the phone have also become difficult over time, so getting people to text him was a good option to make sure he gets the full understanding of the conversation. He had to wait for his family to visit him, so he could have face to face conversations with them, he was also putting himself at risk when out in public and crossing the road because he could not hear traffic approaching from all different directions.

On testing Mr. Spence, was found to have a severe to profound hearing loss in both ears which is a mixed loss but predominantly sensorineural in nature.

Quite obviously without hearing aids he will hear nothing.  He also shows recovery in his high frequencies on the left ear which will tie in with using guns and weapons.

At the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation we will support Dennis as much as possible to hear well with powerful hearing aids which are intelligent with background noise.  Also, support him with the television, the telephone will be provided and support with smoke alarms, etc to ensure he is safe at night without his hearing aids in.

Our Audiologist recommends GN Resound Enzo binaural hearing system because of the aids ability to take the phone call and also for the app on the phone for the client to take control wherever they may be.

The ReSound Enzo is the smallest hearing aid available for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. It comes in two being-the-ear styles and available in a wide range of colours. Every component is coated with iSolate Nanotech- this is a thin shield that seals off the water, dust, and earwax, to prevent any damages.
The new ReSound smart app lets you control volume and adjust bass, middle and treble. You can also choose location settings easily and discreetly, even saying ‘favourite’ and geo-tagging a specific location to switch to switch to that particular setting the next time you are there.


Mr. Spence was kind enough to write to us!


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