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Royal Artillery Veteran Alistair Wilson successfully fitted!

Mr Alistair Wilson served with the Royal Artillery for 13 years, he was exposed to live firing and was in close proximity to tanks whilst they were blasting their weapons. This now showing he has had a lot of exposure to noise during his time in service.

Mr Wilson reports he struggles to hear on the telephone unless it is on speaker, but even then he mishears or misses parts of the conversation. The television is too loud for the rest of the family and he finds it difficult to follow TV programmes if there are no subtitles available. His hearing loss makes social situations very difficult for him so tends not to go out as much.


Alistair Wilson fitted with his hearing aids.


Alistair started his journey with us in 2019 for support with his hearing, the UK Veterans Hearing Help arranged a hearing test for Mr Wilson at Imperial Hearing in Poole.

Imperial Hearing carried out the test recommending the binaural Oticon OPN 1 hearing aids. These hearing aids will give better speech understanding with less listening effort in noisy environments. These hearing aids have an advanced noise reduction system which helps reduce listening effort.

The hearing aids will also provide Mr Wilson with 360 degree sound environment where he can switch focus to more important sounds when he wants to.  The OpenSound Navigator feature ensures a full, more balanced soundscape for more improved speech understanding even in complex and dynamic environments.

This will be beneficial for Mr Wilson as it will help with speech clarity and speech understanding when having one to one conversations or when in more complex listening situations such as groups.


The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation will continue on our support for Mr Wilson with the continuing support from his clinic Imperial Hearing.