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Royal Navy Veteran Leonard Phillips Fitted!

Mr Leonard Phillips Military Service:

Mr Phillips was in the Royal Navy from 1964 – 1998.

He worked on the flight deck as Flight Deck Officer of the HMS Ark Royal and was exposed to Phantom and Buccaneer jets taking off and landing. The accommodation was directly underneath the launching catapult which was extremely noisy. He had 10 years running the radio/radar station working in the transmitting room which was very noisy and no ear defenders were worn. He found that towards the latter part of his shifts he would often suffer with headaches.

His ears would be ringing after the shift and he often had to send men out of the room when the ringing in their ears became too loud. In the Royal Navy the ships are noisy with constant engines, boilers, turbines and air conditioning fans running all the time. There was often big gun practice on board the ships which again was very noisy.


Mr Leonard Phillips

How His Hearing Affected His Daily Life:

  • Struggles with female voice tones and miss hears conversation
  • He has 2 American granddaughters but struggles to understand them and this is very upsetting for him
  • Background noise is difficult to socialise in, leaving him feeling left out
  • He has had a pair of NHS hearing aids, however these were not supporting his hearing requirements


Hearing Assessment:

Mr Phillips was tested via Richard Bunce down in Cornwall, and was recommended the Resound Quattro 962 with volume control on the aid. Leonard has an android phone and would like to use this to answer the phone as he struggles with hearing his American granddaughters on the phone. These hearing aids will support him with his hearing needs going forward, he will also receive an aftercare service from the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation and his Audiologist Richard.


Richard Bunce
Mr Richard Bunce- Audiologist



We wish Mr Phillips all the best with hearing well again!