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Royal Navy Veteran Success!

Service History:

Mr John Bishop was in the Royal Navy for 30 years. He worked with the Air Fleet where he would do maintenance work on aircrafts. These aircrafts would be taking off and landing on the flight deck so Mr Bishop was exposed to a vast amount of noise. Alongside this, there was the ongoing noise of the ship and a lot of background engine noise.

Mr John Bishop


How his hearing affected his daily life:

Mr Bishop has constant tinnitus, this becomes worse at night time. The background noise he hears makes him become irritable and it causes him to lose concentration on other things. Watching the television is a struggle for him and he finds group situations difficult as he cannot hear conversations properly.


Hearing Assessment:

On Assessment with Mr Richard Bunce based in Truro Cornwall Mr Bishop was found to have normal to moderately severe sensorineural hearing loss in his right ear and normal to severe sensorineural hearing loss in his left ear. Richard recommended the GN Resound One 9 to support his hearing requirements.


Richard Bunce
Mr Richard Bunce


Mr Bishop will now continue to receive the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation’s support alongside Richard Bunce going forward. 

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The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation would like to show gratitude to the Veterans Foundation  (Veterans Lottery) for exceptional funding that has allowed us to improve Mr Bishop’s life in the dire times of COVID-19