Royal Navy Veteran Supported

veteran receiving hearing aids

Mr Michael George came to us looking for support with his hearing difficulties. As a veteran, previously serving within the Royal navy from 1955- 1967, we were happy to help. Michael’s journey was made possible thanks to a pair of Resound One 961 RIE’s being donated by Audio Hearing Services.

How hearing effects veterans

Hearing loss and tinnitus greatly affects veterans in ways not obvious to the unaffected. Complex listening environments may be difficult to socialize in due to different sounds and pitches. This is especially the case with competing background noises and when hearing is required over a long distance. Eventually, sufferers of this condition may start to avoid social situations, leading to isolation. Sufferers may feel left out when speaking in a group, not able to join in due to conflicting noises. Activities as simple as speaking over the phone and watching TV might be difficult too, Leading to the individual avoiding those activities.

Most veterans suffer with hearing conditions too complex for NHS hearing aids and require a more complex technology.

About Michael’s new hearing aids

ReSound promises these hearing aids will enrich daily environments with more direction and depth of sound. These hearing aids have rechargeable capabilities, keeping him on the go and chargeable when needed. Other capabilities include environmental optimizing, direct audio streaming, wind guard and spatial sense. Use with the ReSound smart 3D app, lets the user adjust and change what they hear, for full customization.

Michael was fitted at Hear4u Rothwell by Ben Olivier.

Want to support a veteran like Michael?

If you would like to join our mission to help veterans across the UK then consider donating to our foundation! 100% of the proceeds go to supporting a veteran.

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