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Royal Signals Veteran Fitted

About John and The Royal Signals

Mr. John Skelton enlisted into the royal signals on 17th March 1960 and served until 17th March 1962. The Royal Signals lead within the sectors of IT, Cyber and Telecommunications, providing communications to every part of the Army. The Royal Signals are trained to become experts in engineering and operating systems, networks, and cyber equipment.

Just like many veterans, during his time enrolled within the armed forces, John started suffering from hearing loss. Seeking help, John contacted us for help battling his condition. We have supported him by providing a set of top of the range hearing aids to help increase his quality of life.

How Hearing Loss Effects Veterans

Hearing loss can affect veterans in many ways, taking a heavy toll on their mental health. Leading to feelings of isolation and depression, hearing loss is a serious problem which we are desperately trying to tackle.

Life With the New Technology

John finds his new hearing aids “great” and are “helping massively”, improving his day to day life. We are extremely happy we have had the opportunity to support him. Additionally, we will be giving him continuous support through our aftercare service.

The UK Veterans Hearing Foundation would like to show gratitude to the Veterans Foundation (Veterans Lottery) for exceptional funding that has allowed us to improve John’s life.

Want to support a veteran like John?

If you would like to join our mission to help veterans across the UK then consider donating to our foundation! 100% of the proceeds go to supporting a veteran.

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