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Tech Training Command Veteran Supported

About Mr. Hayden Coley

Mr. Coley was part of the RAF from 1950 to 1955, during which he trained recruits in various skills under the Tech Training Command. He also specialized in rifle training and ground combat training, providing both teaching and mentorship. He reports that he trained 120 recruits every 6 weeks for 4 years, an impressive feat. However, this period of service was challenging, as it resulted in hearing loss for Mr. Coley.

What Is The Tech Training Command?

The RAF Tech Training Command is a crucial part of the Royal Air Force’s operations. Its primary goal is to train and develop skilled technicians who will be responsible for maintaining and repairing the wide range of equipment used by the RAF. The training offered by the RAF Tech Training Command is extensive and covers a wide range of technical skills, from electronics to mechanical engineering. The command is committed to ensuring that its trainees are prepared for the challenges they will face in the field, and it provides them with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles. Overall, the RAF Tech Training Command plays a vital role in maintaining the readiness and effectiveness of the Royal Air Force.

Mr. Coley’s Hearing Loss

Mr. Coley encounters difficulties when it comes to being able to hear in a group setting or amidst background noise. This is a frequent issue among individuals who have served in the armed forces, this is often due to loud noises such as gunfire and machinery. Such exposure would have hurt their hearing capabilities over time.

The Final Result

Our team’s efforts in providing him with new hearing aids have yielded positive results, and the fact that we were able to contribute to enhancing his quality of life is truly remarkable. The sense of hearing holds a crucial place in our lives, and it is heartening to know that we have made a difference for Mr. Coley.

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