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Tinnitus Caused by Service In The RAF and Army

The effects of his hearing loss:

Service in the armed forces can likely lead to a form of hearing loss and tinnitus, which can further lead to mental health problems. This can be caused by machine gun fire and working with explosives, this is also the case for veteran Stuart Pirie, who served in the RAF and Army from 1973 to 1983. Specifically, Mr Pirie suffers from tinnitus and hearing loss, which is significantly worse in his left ear. Mr Pirie finds it hard to hear and properly understand people during conversation and struggles to hear the TV unless it is turned up exceptionally loud.

The Solution:

NHS hearing aids are often not advanced enough to support veterans with these problems fully. That’s why Stuart has been fitted with the Starkey Evolv AI, which has many life-changing features. These features include being able to track your brain and body health as well as detect falls and send alerts. You can also control exactly how you hear with Starkey’s amazing smartphone app. You can make adjustments wherever you are, these hearing aids will automatically adjust to every environment. Evolv AI also allows you to process speech and sound differently, also with the ability to wirelessly play music. The Evolv AI can also transcribe conversations into text (which can then be shared) and can even translate foreign languages directly to your ear.

The Conclusion

The hearing aids given to Stuart will help him in day-to-day life, he will struggle less in conversations and be more confident in crowds. We are happy to have supported Mr Pirie and wish him all the best.

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