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UK Veteran thrilled with his new fully funded hearing aids

Paul Smith has become an ambassador for the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation since having successfully had his new hearing devices fitted.  Paul cannot speak highly enough about the care he received and now promotes the service to other Veteran colleagues on how UKVHF provides a first-class service to those with hearing difficulties.

Paul served in the Royal Navy for some ten years and during his time in Service, he was subjected to training on Morse Code, often using machine guns and rifles as part of his training and later in his Service, worked closely to Helicopters all of which generated loud and uncomfortable noise levels. On one of his tours he was involved with missile testing frequently using a 15mm machine gun and as he had to work in the middle of the ship, he was almost constantly exposed to this high level of noise.

Like all individuals, he did not notice the hearing loss and compensated however, his friends and family did.  He felt embarrassed as he had to keep asking friends and family to repeat themselves due to not hearing the conversation clearly.  It was his wife that noticed his hearing was not as it should be and made him go for a check on his hearing levels.  He tried both unsuccessfully NHS and a national hearing company’s hearing device, but they only felt uncomfortable.

Being an avid reader, he read about UKVHF in the Leicester Mercury and decided to contact them to see if they could improve his quality of life.  After the journey of being tested, approved by the Royal British Legion Veterans Hearing Fund, Paul and especially his family and friends are more than delighted with his new aids and he now feels more confident in the company of others.

We at the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation will guide and support you throughout the process and ensure that only the best care and after care is given to you thereby ensuring that your quality of life is improved.  We are not just here to administer your application, we are here to care for you as an individual and that means a great deal to us