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About Mr Antony Gosling

Mr Antony Gosling, a former tank gunner in the army, devoted almost seven years of his life to operating both Challenger 1 and Chieftain tanks. As a result of his service, he has unfortunately experienced significant hearing loss. This is a common issue among veterans who have served in similar roles. Despite this challenge, Mr Gosling remains proud of his service and grateful for the opportunity to have served his country. His unwavering dedication to his duty and country is a testament to his character and bravery. It is important to honour and support our veterans who have made sacrifices for the safety and protection of our nation.

Mr Gosling’s Hearing Loss

“I was in the gunner seat for a total of 6.5 years and undertook much more live firing than the majority of Tank gunners.”

Mr Gosling has spent a considerable amount of time occupying the gunner seat, participating in live firing drills more frequently than the majority of tank gunners. Unfortunately, the constant exposure to loud, explosive gunfire has played a role in causing his hearing loss. It is well established that the abrupt and deafening blasts that occur during firing exercises are extremely detrimental to the ears, leading to irreversible hearing damage if adequate protective measures are not taken. Therefore, individuals who have undergone similar experiences must seek medical treatment and make a concerted effort to safeguard their hearing in the future.

Mr Gosling has expressed his frustration about his communication difficulties at work. He mentioned that he has trouble hearing the telephone and having normal conversations, as well as using the walkie-talkies that are necessary for his job. These challenges have been causing him a lot of stress, and he is hoping for a solution that will help him communicate more effectively.

Mr Gosling’s New Hearing Aids

“We recommend binaural Starkey Livio 2400 RIC devices. This system will provide optimised sound quality and will enhance Mr Gosling’s listening experience generally. When wearing this system he will have access to sounds at a much quieter level, meaning he can watch the television at a similar volume to others. When in background noise, the Hearing Reality feature can focus on enhancing and optimizing speech with Spatial Speech Enhancement. Livio hearing aids sample the environment up to 167 times per second and classify multiple acoustic environments. They then adapt amplification and directionality settings to provide the best speech audibility and a significant reduction in listening effort for the acoustic environment they deem to be in at any given time. The fast processing and adaption will allow Mr Gosling to enjoy socialising in busier environments again.”

The Final Result

We are delighted to announce that Mr Gosling is thrilled with his new hearing aids, and we are proud to have supported him every step of the way. We are confident that his new hearing aids will greatly improve his daily life, and we wish him all the best for his bright future ahead.

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