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We are still here for you!

Royal Navy veteran Mr Derek Longyear has successfully completed his journey with us, to receiving fully funded top of the range hearing technology.

Serving with the Royal Navy from 1968 to 1979, Mr Longyear was exposed to noise during this time.

How his hearing effects his daily life

He has major difficulties communicating with his wife and struggles to understand what she is saying to him most of the time. When he is watching the television he has the volume turned up that loud, his neighbours can hear it! He is also unable to have a conversation on the phone without the speaker on, and still struggles to hear the full conversation. When Mr Longyear is in a crowded environment he cannot manage to discriminate speech due to the background noise, this can feel very isolating for him.

Mr Derek Longyear alongside his audiologist Chris Stone at the Hearing Clinic.


Mr Longyear was found to have a moderate sloping to profound sensorineural hearing loss.

This type of hearing loss will mean clarity and volume is affected when hearing speech. The fact that there is more of a hearing loss at the high frequencies means he will have difficulty with hearing or discriminating fricative consonants which can seriously impact speech intelligibility, particularly in challenging listening situations.

Mr Longyear was sent to the Hearing Clinic for his hearing assessment by the foundation throughout his journey. The outcome of his hearing assessment results, recommended the latest technology Widex moment 440RR2D.

This technology has soundsense technology which means the hearing aids can learn from different situations and personalise Mr Longyear’s listening experience, this will be very beneficial as he seems to be in a variety of complex listening environments.  These hearing aids will also cope well with outdoor situations with having automatic windguard technology built into them.

We are happy to now share, that Mr Longyear has been fitted with his fully funded hearing aids! And he will continue to receive our support with an aftercare service going forward.

We wish him all the best with hearing well again!

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