FM Hearing Systems

If you struggle to hear in fast-paced or challenging hearing environments, the FM Hearing System is the assistive listening device for you. Designed to pick up speech from its source with greater accuracy than other assistive listening devices. It does this by filtering out background noise and amplifying the sound waves of your desired source, in even the most chaotic of hearing environments such as a school.

So how is this all possible? From years of research, it has been determined that a greater sound-to-noise ratio improves the quality and discrimination of speech, without requiring much in the way of extra resources.
But let’s say you cannot hear the TV in an environment filled with people, how can an FM Hearing System help in this regard? Thanks to recent developments it has now become possible to connect the FM system to the sound source ensuring any other noise does not interfere with the primary source.

Technical Information:

Frequency Modulation (FM) is one of the primary technologies used in an FM system, it is the same technology that is used in your home radio. It works by encoding the signal as information by changing the frequency of the sound wave usually represented as either a 1 or a 0. If it is digital or frequency deviation if it is analogue, it is then transmitted in a carrier wave to the receiver where it is converted back into normal speech.

There are various models available in the FM Hearing Systems industry and depending on which one you choose will determine the receiver. This can vary from a simple neck loop to a much smaller device called a “shoe”, however, this model of receiver requires a direct audio input whereas the neck loop does not.

Just like the receiver the transmitter associated with an FM Hearing System may vary and depending on the manufacturer it may contain variations in its specific function as part of the larger FM system.

The standard template will have an external audio input which will capture the source signal through a direct connection however some models also contain a Bluetooth module allowing for a wireless connection over short distances (this can be increased with the addition of a specialised amplifier), there will also be a microphone on the device.

Hearing Loss:

While technology in the hearing aid world has advanced tremendously. You still find environments where even the most advanced Hearing Aid struggles to distinguish sound with ease and clarity, this is a problem that FM Hearing Systems aims to resolve.

Because they use a greater signal-to-noise ratio than any hearing aid currently in circulation an FM system produces an unrivalled sound in quality: The highest level of hearing aid technology can produce an improvement of around 5db SNR whereas a remote microphone can give the user a more generous 15db SNR improvement.

How would I benefit from an FM Hearing System?

If you suffer from any level of hearing loss you can have your hearing greatly increased with an FM Hearing System. You will find your daily life enhanced by them, such as streaming sound directly from the TV to your hearing aids ensuring you can watch your favourite shows without any impediment.

Naturally, when you’re speaking about FM systems or just speaking in general, you must talk about how it has improved understanding speech in busy/loud environments allowing you to clearly understand anyone you’re with. Whether it be social or business-related with increased confidence and determination.

You can even get specialised table-based models which are specifically designed for the business meeting room environment. If you wish to view the FM Hearing System in more detail, try the following video: CLICK HERE >>

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