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The King’s Coronation And Everything You Need To Know

The Coronation of King Charles III will happen on Saturday, May 6, 2023, at Westminster Abbey in London.

The ceremony will include the crowning of Camilla as Queen Consort.

What time is the Coronation?

The ceremony is scheduled to commence at 11:00 AM, and the King’s procession is anticipated to arrive at Westminster Abbey shortly before.

What is a Coronation?

A coronation is a religious ceremony that represents the transfer of power and title to the monarch, formalizing their role as the head of the Church of England and acknowledging the transfer of their title and powers. Though not necessary for a monarch to become King, it is a crucial aspect of the ceremony.

What happens during the service?

There are several stages to the service:

  • The recognition: The Archbishop of Canterbury presents the monarch to the crowd gathered in the Abbey while standing next to the Coronation Chair, which is 700 years old. The congregation shouts “God Save the King!” and trumpets play.
  • The oath: The sovereign pledges to maintain the law and support the Church of England.
  • The anointing: After the King removes his ceremonial robe, he takes a seat in the Coronation Chair. A golden cloth is then draped over the chair to conceal him from view. The Archbishop of Canterbury proceeds to anoint the King’s hands, breast, and head with a special, secret recipe of holy oil. This mixture includes ambergris, orange flowers, roses, jasmine, and cinnamon.
  • The investiture: During the coronation ceremony, the sovereign is given various objects such as the Royal Orb, symbolizing religious and moral power; the Sceptre, symbolizing authority; and the Sovereign’s Sceptre, a golden rod with a white enamelled dove at the top, which represents justice and mercy. At the end of the ceremony, the Archbishop places St Edward’s Crown on the monarch’s head.
  • The enthronement and homage: After sitting in the Coronation Chair, the King makes his way to the throne while the peers kneel to show their respect. Following this, the Queen Consort goes through the same anointing and crowning ceremony.

When is the Coronation Bank holiday?

Good news! An additional bank holiday will be observed throughout the UK on Monday, May 8th.

Buckingham Palace has revealed that there will be a range of exciting events happening over the weekend, such as a concert at Windsor Castle on Sunday, May 7th featuring performances by Well known musicians.

Individuals are encouraged to participate in community volunteering projects and organize street parties through the Big Help Out program. Additionally, During the coronation weekend, pubs, clubs, and bars in England and Wales will be permitted to remain open for an additional two hours on the Friday and Saturday night. 

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